Update April 2017

On Friday 7th of April I attended a conference dedicated to Judith Butler, with Butler herself present.

Since last week I’m signed up for a performance workshop that goes on for five weeks. We meet twice a week and work movement based around themes of sexuality and pop culture. The workshop is part of a residency by a former Rietveld student.

I started working on an installation piece for the video I made in the Filmworkshop earlier this term. It is made of an easel stand and I want to put a monitor on it in portrait angle. I plan to show this at a viewing with the other Erasmus students in june.

I have booked a project/gallery space in school in beginning of May and I am now planning on what I will bring in there. I think I will take the time and space to explore objects as animated things, an animistic experiment basically. In the space I will also be able to show small videos that relate to this critique of materialist science and scientism. I currently researching “new animism”. I also want to interview my grandfather who has a lot of experience with alternative and normal medicine.

I also want to make a group project discussing human relationships and exploring contact improvisation techniques and other movement exercises together. I think listening to someone’s body and respond to it with movement while being receiving the same attention is a great practice and visualisation of a big challenge in human loving relationships: to keep the balance between listening and guiding, self awareness and awareness of the other person.  



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