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This week the academy held their annual conference-festival for lectures and performances, this year the theme has been the brain.

It was interesting.  I enjoyed specifically a presentation by the artist Mette Edverdsen who is part of a project called “Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine” where a group of artists commit to memorise a book by heart and thereby “become” the book and perform by reciting the book to a “reader” in one-to-one sessions.

This is an example of a “performative practice” that is ongoing.

It is also political in a way. Memory is radical today. To have information or to be information?


More about the conference:

For a filmworkshop this week I have made a few “tableaux vivants”. I’m looking to find ways to paint with the photo frame and explore some characters that I have had in mind.

This is kind of an continuation of the Not a Girl video I did last year as it is a way to bring these characters to life through other people acting them out on my direction. Also, as I analyse the characters I realise they are vert personal for me, expressing an experience of growing up. As Fromm states in the book “Escape from Freedom”… we are social beings. <— QUOTE needed

The project explores:

  • giving instructions, searching for a way to direct people to use their own spontaneity and creativity in order to find some truthful expression.
  • painting next level, creating frames (in this case portraits) that are carefully considered, composed and also has the dimensions of sound and movement.
  • mixing cultural attributes that has strong connotations from my personal western point of view
  • humor as a way to cope with social adaptation

My personal analysis of my three characters before filming:



The reggae cowboy

Feeling anxious. Trapped in this stressful soulless environment with a lot of musts and shoulds, this young person is experiencing the loss of its inner life force. In order to hold on to the core of itself, to keep the child in it alive, it puts on a silly hat that represents something naive and playful and sings to Bob Marley “don’t worry”.

This person grew up in western european culture with cowboys as an image of a free independent masculine hero – something it can as an adult criticise, see the historical context and imperialist structures behind. The environment of this child also provided barbeques with reggae-music in light summer evenings, Bob Marley is a symbol for the easy times and a philosophy that clearly is not originating from the dramatic, cold and isolated northern Europe.

By combining the elements of childhood with the adult’s analytical abilities this all becomes a joke which in itself provides comfort.

The salad girl

The person is experiencing becoming a woman. Through adolescence she has fought for the right to be herself but at a certain point when there is no turning back to be a child, she surrenders. She lets herself be fucked. She understands she needn’t do much, the female role is passive. She can just sit there and be fucked. This accounts for all ideals of being an object. She almost needn’t fulfil the ideals as long as she accepts them and don’t show her strength or power against it. The iceberg salad is the boring option of being passive and small, thin, discreet.

The reptile woman

No turning back to childhood, no turning back to virginity. She is a bad, dirty woman and the only thing to do now is to keep calm. Keep calm and consume television, keep calm and drink wine, keep calm and wear lipstick outside your lips, keep calm and smoke cigarettes. The woman becomes an ugly reptile, passive but not pretty, passive but not bland. She has some sort of power in being a little appalling.

in progress shots:

The safe space project evolved into a painting project.

I made a layout of a selection of the guys car selfies I found on Tinder and printed them on canvas. As I don’t want to expose them I am now making them anonymous by painting over their faces. I wanted to do this by hand to make the work more alive and paint-like. . Then I wanted to make it even more a painting so I added a pattern, based on the title “SAFE SPACE” and it’s now evolving. It’s hard to get the acrylic paint look as free and at the same time neat as it would do if I had painted it digitally but I’m gonna give it more time.