First week at Gerrit Rietveld Academie

Today was my fourth day at GRA and so far the experience is very positive. Here is the main events of my week.

Film lesson

On Wednesday I attended a class series on video art with the first year students at the department I’m enrolled at (VAV – moving image). They had invited artist and videomaker Belit Sag, a graduate from the academy, to show and talk about her films. Belit manages to be an activist as well as artist and her works are always politicalbut very personal. She showed three works: Sept. Oct. 2015, Cizre, a very intimate documenting compilation of fragments of an everyday life of a kurdish family just after Turkish security forces had attacked their home and placed a curfew on their town. It struck me how Belit manages to film so close to the subjects, they even hold the camera many times. I asked her how her relationship to the camera was and she said she always lets everybody use it and see what has been recorded but that she as the filmmaker and owner of the camera has a special relationship to it. I thought it sounded very much like a good parent-child relationship and that’s exactly how the movie feels, as if the camera is a baby that is passed around in the family and that we see through its eyes.


Gallery visit

Today we visited an exhibition called As If: The Media Artist as a Trickster at the space Framer Framed. It showed artists that have worked with media and the possibility to manipulate it. The show looks at the current political “post-truth”-society and also back at the 90’s movement ‘Tactical Media’ that started combining PR techniques and new experimental media with art by so called “hit and run-interventions”.

Many of the works displayed are websites that are available from wherever. Like Ian Alan Paul’s work “Guantanamo Bay Museum of Art & History” from 2012.


Green screen recording and 3D scanning

On Tuesday I assisted another student recording a movie in a green screen studio. She used a 3D scan app+lens on an iPad to scan human busts that she will later use in her video work. This method was new to me and gave me ideas for a video I want to make where I want to portray the “invisible”.


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