• Too many options
    • “Stop the freedom to choose”. Is freedom really what we want? Erich Fromm’s book The Fear of Freedom (1941). To grow up with freedoms that past generations dreamt of and be more depressed than them, what did we do wrong? To be informed and still a bad consumer. What does it take to be good in a neoliberal world? Is there space to be human and flawed?
  • Make up is free. Fashion is free. Art is free. 
    • End art school. End
  • Same same
    • Many traditions are similar in different parts of the world. We condemn cultural misappropriation but should we not encourage cultural collage or even appropriation if we want a united human world?
  • Objects have souls
    • To go from a materialist paradigm into a more holistic we can begin with giving material things a spiritual aspect (which is not strange at all – quanta physics etc.) If objects have souls, can an imaginary object have a “soul” too?

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