No Education

I’ve had a hang-up on this Bob Marley quote since I came over it the first time.

I don’t have education, I have inspiration.

As described in previous post, I have a sentimental (maybe fetish?) thing for Bob Marley. I used his songs as comfort when I was a child, they would suggest that things were not as complicated as the they seem and maybe life is easy.

I think the quote works good as a slogan for my investigation in working as an artist. An investigation that includes questioning:

  • individualism + the old image of the artist as a tormented genius working alone
  • intellectual interpreting of art
  • the boundaries between design, art, craft, fashion

I questioned these things and wanted also engage my body and hands more in my practice. I thought of art forms I like that are occurring mainly outside of the contemporary art world. I started using:

  • graffiti / tagging
  • typography and caligraphy
  • crochet & knit
  • drypoint intaglio printing

Even though intaglio drypoint printing obviously is an accepted art form it to me has mainly connotations with old tradition and artists that worked before Romanticism in a more collectivist way. I enjoyed combining the aesthetic of the graffiti with the drypoint medium.

I have used ‘No education’ as a sample tagline for practicing typography/graffiti techniques.



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