Social Norms online/Architecture of the Internet & Safe Spaces (online and offline) (Set them free)

I’m interested in social norms online. How different forums have different “ambiences”, they can be intimate or formal, private or public and it hasn’t only got to do with how secret or safe these spaces really are.

“Safe Space” is a compilation of images found on the dating platform Tinder. They all fall in the category male, seeking females and they are all taken (supposedly) with a front-camera inside a car. I.e. they’re “selfies” taken in cars by men.

This work draws together research on vulnerability as a generator for positive feelings (Brenee Brown) like love and happiness, with social norms and behaviour online – open space versus intimate space.

My aim is to continue collecting these images and make a poster with the title ‘Safe Space’ or ‘Set them free’.



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