“I don’t want a politician for president”



© Nina Kihlborg

Gustaf Norén said in a podcast (Brännässlor) something like (!quoted from my memory!):

“Art is fatal. We learn how to make art according to certain principles because real art is too dangerous. Adolf Hitler was an artist. When you stop to try… When I go up on a stage to play a song it’s not as powerful as when I start to whistle on an unexpected occasion. Donald Trump is not a politician that’s why he is political.”

I thought about this and the fact that I had just made a set of nails with Barack Obamas face on them. I knew I was fetichising Obama and thought it was because I longed back to the almost now, the hyper retro because that’s what humans do when we feel unsafe. We want it to be as it “always have been”. But after I heard the statement from Norén I saw the irony in the nails. Fake nails are close to the self and far from the outer world and we are many that escape into beauty rituals as a comforting activity. Those kinds of comforting activities: beauty, entertainment, food, exercise are taking up a lot of our conscious these days. And we are used to read and consume entertaining, easy digested text and information. This is relevant in a presidential election.

Media and information today, how is click bait culture affecting democracy?



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