For a group show in Stockholm I created this series of images. They are face paintings, enacted, photographed and later digitally manipulated and further “painted” in Photoshop by me.

ninas sättning.png

Boat Face, Tinder Face, Jesus Camp on Netflix Face, Picasso Face, Valerie Face, Mickey Face and Ida Face.

For this project I was asked to show face paints and I decided to weave in my interest, curiosity and opinion on a posthumanist approach to identity and appropriation of different identities. I also realised that I’ve used my face to loosen up painting as a medium and trick myself into being both freer and more challenged than in front of a white canvas. I realise I always strive for playfulness and a free creative flow reminding of a child’s, in my practice. I think the act of painting my face is both a shortcut to a freer painting practice but there is also a performative aspect to it. When I put on a mask I take on different properties or qualities, it helps me feel less bound to my body which is just what the posthumanist ideas that intrigue me the most signifies.


These are my notes for my statement in the printed brochure.

body as canvas

There’s a playful element to body painting that eases up the medium. It reminds more of make-up than painting, a field of art that hasn’t got any heavy historical status

Dress up, taking on different personas – posthumanity, when technology challenges the idea of human nature and its dual approaches to gender, sexuality and humanity versus other species. Even technology itself can’t be simply separated from humanity.
Even the separation between man and machine is questioned today as Artificial Intelligence, biotechnology etc. is developing.


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