Monthly Archives: February 2016

Curated by Omar Kholeif.

Jacolby Satterwhite, “The Matriarch’s Rhapsody”

The way Satterwhite mixes IRL footage with surrealistic animation makes me believe that the animated world is the original. Maybe it’s the digital gaming sounds or the futuristic suit of the protagonist that all reminds of the world of images that I have came across online rather than in the material world.


Katja Novitskova

I’ve wanted to see Novitskova’s work ever since I saw it on Instagram a year ago. It’s funny, her images are like Instagram pics popular in my network – digital, grainy, soft, romantic. Taking out an image like that, making it an object is very satisfying for a brain used to scrolling through a feed.


Petra Cortright

Good example of a digital painter realising her works materially. Cortright’s paintings are printed onto aluminium which gives them a digital glow.


Camille Henrot, “Grosse Fatigue”

I love the format of this video. Henrot applies the aesthetics of a computer screen using “windows” in layers and the desktop of a mac as background. She uses archive material, books (beautifully filmed from above) and documentary footage to tell a story about the creation/history of the world. In the background a voice tells mythical and scientific stories in a spoken word manner that sometimes sounds more like a preach, sometimes more like a rap. All in all a very inspiring film that I will keep in mind when exploring my own video language.