3 memories on dance


The music and the way she is moving just touched me and I started to cry. I was probably looking for a way to “burn calories” or whatever and this reminded me of what is really important in life (lol).

Another memory I have is crying in front of an open Zumba class. A bunch of ladies doing the same thing, trying to find a way to “get fit” but the power of drums and people moving in group just hit me and I was so moved.

A third memory is from my high school graduation. We were supposed to run out of the school building, families waiting outside. It felt as if everyone was crying exept me, I didn’t feel sad at all, I wanted to get out of there but then I heard the drums. The school had hired a group of Brazilian drummers to add to the festive atmosphere in the school yard. And again the drums hit my soft spot and I started to cry, not from sadness but from being moved.


I danced in clubs. I realized it was just a creative activity like any other. You improvise and shoot out ideas to see how they work, what kind of responses you get and if you fail you just have to stay and turn it into something good. I feel like myself when I’m dancing. It’s really a way of expressing yourself.

“You can express things with your body that you can’t put into words”/Swedish hip hop dancer I heard on TV the other day.

When I finally was brave enough to say the words “I want to dance” I couldn’t hold my tears in either, haha.


PHYSICAL SENSATION FROM MOVING: The only thing my phone can’t give me? 


I have started a project I call Soul Chain. I want to explore community and spirituality in secular and individualist society through body work and I’m thinking of collecting dance or movement in videos, relating to each other somehow.

I’m doing this on the blog Soul Chain1. Password is: dance.

For my video trilogy on womanhood, adollesence and upper class I finally used this video for a piece.

All Move AFRICA Nike rockstar workout (REMAKE)


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