Individualism vs collectivism

Thomas, 21st of November 2015:

The terrorists of IS are currently prepared to die for their islamist beliefs. We on the other side of the conflict, do everything to spare our own lives. We develop new expensive techniques to attack from far distances and without human presence. So in this secular western world, what is our ideology? Putting our own lives over the bigger cause – individualism? Lacking a bigger cause – capitalism? 

A dance floor: An image of individual creativity joining together, creating a community.

Soul Train Lines



In “Spontaneous Evolution” Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman provides this model:

“Civilisations” (western world’s) 4 basal paradigms:

  • animism
  • polytheism
  • monotheism
  • materialism

The western world today is super materialist, which means we acknowledge only matter and not spirit in our belief system.

The islamists are offering a monotheistic world view where the godly, in fact the spiritual realm is the only important and the material world is just a transport, a stepping stone for an after life in paradise.

Artist used to be master.

I learn a job from a master, become a master and teach someone else. / I invent my own unique work that no one will ever be able to make again.



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