Humanity as one

What if you identified as part of humanity rather than an individual human. Everything ever done by humans was done by you. Not you as an individual but you as part of a community. Without the other parts of the community you wouldn’t even survive. So why only identify as your individual self?

How would the news sound like? When there is no point referring to people as ‘them’ or ‘others’ but as ‘we’ ‘you’ or ‘us’.

The thought of humanity as an organism.

“The individual in his sociological aspect is not the complete organism. He who attempts to live without association with his fellow dies. Nor is the nation the complete organism. If Britain attempted to live without cooperation with other nations, half the population would starve. The completer the cooperation, the greater the vitality.” / “The Great Illusion”, Sir Norman Angell,1909

Biologist Bruce Lipton: “We are not humans until we create humanity”

Amoeba, slime mould – sharing membrane, becoming one cell – a supercell.

Cells – evolution –> human body

Humans – evolution –> specialising, building communities/societies/nations/enterprises

NEXT STEP? Humans becoming one organism – a superorganism.

When humanity is united as one is that when we’ll be ready to connect with other worlds?

– Cells in our body are physically connected, don’t we need to be too to become a superorgaism?

Yes or maybe we could communicate through internet. We become cyborgs with built in connection to the universal consciousness (the smart phone is already becoming part of me).

When Gaia Vince writes in a BBC article about humanity as a superorganism she refers to it as a ‘he’ called Homni.


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